Al Greaves

12952725_10153424899512371_822122025_oAs well as promoting the Burning Duck Comedy Club, Al Greaves is also an accomplished Stand Up Performer and former resident MC and DJ at Verve Comedy Cellar in Leeds (good times) who is not afraid to to employ ukuleles, looping pedals, props, or whimsy.

‘Talented’ TIME OUT

Al was initially inspired to perform comedy by more idiosyncratic acts like Steve Martin, Seymour Mace and Alf. More recently, the opportunity to watch and perform alongside established circuit regulars like Dan Nightingale, Jason Cook and Davey Johns have consolidated his love of well written and performed live comedy.

“Sharp and cutting one liners – solid and funny material for such a new up and coming stand-up”. PATRICK MONAHAN

Al started performing comedy many moons ago in that London and established and MC’d ‘Comedy Lake’, Londons number one underwater-themed comedy night (complete with resident shark) before moving back to the North East for family reasons.

Josh Widdecome recoils in horror after witnessing
Comedy Lakes resident shark attempt to do stand up comedy

In 2011, Al won Ten Feet Tall’s ‘Beat the Gong’ at Arc, Stockton on Tees and was offered a paid middle spot at Middlesbrough Town Hall. Al has also done paid spots for several independent comedy nights including Headlining Gonzo Comedy Club in Holmfirth. Although due to family commitments, Al has not been in a position to pursue regular work at the big weekend clubs, which is also why he started running the Burning Duck Comedy Club.

“Through his relaxed offbeat approach he delivers exceptionally well written dry jokes. Someone to follow as he rises.” ED ACZEL

Al has also presented a ‘mixed-bill’ show at the Edinburgh Fringe which The Skinny described as ‘even in its preview show has fundamental moments of comic genius’ and ‘Greaves is a sweetheart who will make you laugh and clap and grin without realising it.’

Al is now based in York with a clean driving licence and has also recently started performing character comedy as “Peter Bread”. A York Tour Guide, and Baker, Peter pioneered York’s first ever “Toast Walk”, which bypasses Yorks boring supernatural history and instead concentrates on telling the history of the city through Baking.

Terrific character comedy – A hilarious and wry look into the world of regional ghost walks” Sean Morley, booker of Regather, Sheffield.

Yorks foremost Tour Guide, and Baker, Peter Bread with one of his flyers.

In his spare time, Al is a keen horticulturalist and owner of 2 sheds (one on a rental basis). Al is not responsible for the mix up at the Champion Dad Of The Year competition.

Al, in one of his 2 sheds.

Secret links to youtube videos of Al and Peter are available on request from